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We are excited to announce that our Found(h)er, Vanessa Haye was featured in the 05 December 2019 issue of Grazia magazine. Vanessa spoke about her personal experience whilst undergoing IVF, and in particular the loneliness and shame she felt due to the lack of support and silence that she realised was very prevalent in the black community. Having sought out an instagram community to learn about other couple's/women and their journeys, this reaffirmed what she identified as a stigma and taboo in the black community. 

It is so promising to read stories like this in a mainstream magazine. It encourages other black women to know they are not alone, but also allows all types of women to know that infertility and IVF is diverse.  Most importantly, it allows these women to learn about the safe space, and our Femelanin family. A prime example of how we are #retellingthenarrative.

You can download and read the full story below.

If you would like to feature us in your publication , please contact us  

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