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‘Femelanin’ celebrates after receiving funding from the National Lottery to empower marginalised Black Women in UK.

Community group, Femelanin, is celebrating after being awarded money from the Awards for all National Lottery fund to support a ground breaking pilot project that has been set up for marginalised black women to share and have honest and open conversation about  taboo and less talked about subjects that impact their lives in many ways.  The pilot project events will be based in London, and the funding will be used to run a series of events that are set up to allow women to share, learn, connect and network through the event activities in line with the theme.

It was founded by Vanessa Haye in 2018 after she realised from her own experience, and the reported experiences of other black women that there are not many community groups or organisations around that are set up specifically to target and empower black women through the personal and very specific challenges in their everyday lives. 

The pilot project called ‘The F word’ will run a series of themed and typically taboo and seldom discussed topics within this community group (FERTILITY, FINANCES, FAMILY [Relationships], and FITNESS [&Health]). They are empowerment and inspiration led workshops/conferences over a period of a year, attended by approximately 50-100  women per event, where they participate in panel and facilitator led honest and open conversations, sharing and learning from other. Whilst enjoyable and interactive, these women also gaining greater confidence, self-belief and feel more supported and unjudged whilst discussing their own personal experiences in these subject areas.

Vanessa Haye, founder of Femelanin, says:

“We’re delighted and so grateful that The National Lottery Community Fund has recognised and believed in the impact of our work with black women. Now, thanks to National Lottery players we will be able to press on with our plans to broaden the range of support and empowerment services that are more relatable and consider the specific needs of black women.  This is important because it helps them to build relationships with others facing similar challenges and to create their own supportive circles".

Notes to Editors:

About The National Lottery Community Fund

We are the largest community funder in the UK – we’re proud to award money raised by National Lottery players to communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since June 2004, we have made over 200,000 grants and awarded over £9 billion to projects that have benefited millions of people.  

We are passionate about funding great ideas that matter to communities and make a difference to people’s lives.At the heart of everything we do is the belief that when people are in the lead, communities thrive. Thanks to the support of National Lottery players, our funding is open to everyone. We’re privileged to be able to work with the smallest of local groups right up to UK-wide charities, enabling people and communities to bring their ambitions to life. 


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